69209_10151532479316289_947420924_nLast night was absolutely incredible! Eric Church put on a great show in Hamilton, Ontario.  This was my first real concert and I was not disappointed. The energy was great and I believe nobody left the Copps Coliseum disappointed.

The opener for Eric was another popular country band Colt Ford with his hit single Chicken and Biscuits. I did enjoy his performance and his band was great, however I don’t think I would attend one of his concerts. His voice was deep and muffled and it’s not really the type of country I am into.  It’s was a mix of Country and Rap.  I am not really a fan, but I know he has a great following.

Eric started off his performance strong and kept it going through the entire concert. I was having a great time right from the beginning.  The entire audience was high energy and it seemed like everyone, including me, knew all or most of the words to the songs and sang along with him.  Eric really does a great job at including his audience in his performance and keeping them enthused.

I couldn’t think of a better place and concert to be at for my first show.  I was able to walk up close to front row for most of the show and the feeling was incredible. I felt like I was right in the show and I could feel the energy and passion from the band and could tell they were truly proud of the music they were performing.

At the end of the show, the crowd was going wild and there was an additional 3 song encore performed.  Although I think this was planned (because he didn’t play his most popular song Springsteen yet), it was a great surprise anyway haha.  Considering I was on my own I still had a great time and everyone around me was nice.  There was a funny moment for me too when he performed Springsteen, he told everyone to turn to their side and remember the melody he was playing and make that a memory forever. I unfortunately had nobody beside me. Forever alone I guess!

Home Boy, She Loves Me Like Jesus Does, Creeping were my favourite songs performed with the amazing pyrotechnics, Of course, Springsteen to wrap up the show, was perfect.

All in all it was an incredible night and if given the opportunity I would love to go see Eric Church again.

Here are some pictures from last night…



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