So I’ve decided that every month I will write a blog post about my favourite iPhone Apps. I often get bored where I rely on my phone to keep me occupied.

So I will start off with the most used and go from there.

1. Instragram : Social App

I’m very addicted to the instragram app, I don’t post a lot of photos myself  but I do look at a lot of photos. I find it’s really fun to see what everyone is up too!

Instragram is a social app where users upload their pictures and hashtag the hell out of it. (pretty much) It’s fun and interesting!

2. 4 Picture 1 Word 


Oh man, I recently discovered this app and boy can I tell you I AM ADDICTED.
Last night I spent about 75 minutes trying to figure a one word! I think this should be on everyone’s iPhone or Android!   This is game makes you think!  Which is great for everyone!

I love it!

4 Pictures 1 Word is a app that makes you think. When you start the game you will see 4 pictures and on the bottom you get blank spaces (kind of like wheel of fortune) and you have your letter options below! It’s extremely addicting!

What are your favorite apps?  Share with us in the comments.

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