High school should only be about education but obviously many people can’t grasp that idea. When teenagers are actually at school, learning is the last thing on their minds.
The sad thing is that everyone cares way to much about “who’s my friend”, “how do I look” or heck “Does he like me?”.
I’ve learned that high school is a series of challenges and competition, beginning at who has the best hair to who won the popular boys attention.
Now these things don’t matter to me as much as they used to, I just learned from a personal experience that high school shouldn’t be a place where you have to worry about who is your friend or who is talking behind your back because the only reason your AT school is to get an education and learn…
I look back at my childhood and I think back to what mattered to me the most in elementary school and middle school. The thing that mattered most to me was being popular, having tons of friends and being beautiful.
I didn’t care about grammar, I didn’t care about math, science or french. All I cared about was being friends with the girls who put me down and laughed at me.
I tried SO HARD to be what I thought was popular and I lost myself on the way.
I wasted so much time and money on clothes that were uncomfortable, wasted time that should of been spent studying and lost friends that were true friends.

One thing I’m going to tell my kids when they’re old enough to understand is that popularity doesn’t matter, your education does! If I didn’t worry about friendships and worried more about my education maybe i’d be going to university or college next year and wouldn’t be worried about what i’m going to do with the rest of my life and wouldn’t be stuck in high school for another year…
I’m worried that who i’ve became will affect me for the rest of my life. I’ve became the opposite of who I am and who I wanted to be.
I let people get inside me and messed up who I am.
I know somewhere inside of me there is a smart independent person who doesn’t care what people think.
I just have to search harder and grow and learn  from these experiences.

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