Young-drivers-christinaI’ve done A LOT of driving since I received my G2 way back in December.  The weather has been okay since I’ve started driving but lately wow, has it ever gotten worse.

The other night I was driving my friend home (They live a city away) and I had to drive on the back road to get them to their house. The roads weren’t THAT bad when we left but when we were starting to get into the back roads it got REALLY bad.  The road that I usually travel has a speed limit of 80 km.  When I turned into the road I had to drive 40 km. It was terrifying for my first time driving in this horrible weather.

I could barely see because the snow was coming down so fast.  Luckily, I knew what to do and how to do it.

Actually, my last in-car lesson was on a bad day. The roads were very slushy/icy and I was taught how to stay in control of the car while being on the horrible roads.  We also learned how to drive in horrible weather condition in the  in-class lesson and I re-learned it on the e-learning.

young-drivers-bannerI was speaking to a group of students about Young Drivers’ mandatory in class, in-car AND e-learning lessons. My friends thought it was pointless how young drivers made it a requirement to graduate the course but I can honestly say I had taken in more information doing the e-learning course than the in-class. Not because the e-learning gave more information but that we re-learned the most important things we may have not absorbed in the in-class sessions.

I can’t give my opinion on other courses provided by other driver training companies, but I know that I learned so much more and took in so much more information because of the e-learning course provided by Young Drivers of Canada.

Thanks again Young Drivers for the great experience and excellent training!

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