I am a proud user of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I received the phone as a gift from my girlfriend about 4 months ago and I basically haven’t put it down since.  Previously I had a Sony Ericsson which was good for the time being but it had water damage and was slowly deteriorating.  If I ever used an S3 for a full day, I would’ve been hooked. Another thing about my phone is that nobody can touch it. I am extremely protective of it. No questions asked.

samsung s3 picture


This new phone continues to amaze me. It literally does almost everything I need to do in a day I hardly even use my laptop any more, and with the incredible camera I don’t really need a camera any more either.

Some of my favourite things about the S3 are…

Camera:  The 8 mega pixel camera takes incredible pictures with quality as good or better than the pictures I can take on my canon rebel. recently I used it at the Eric Church concert and it was great.

Folders:  I like how at the base of my screen I can easily access most of my apps with the three folders I created. One has all my social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Skype.  The other folder has all my camera apps in it.  I have the camera/video app, Gallery,Photo Editor.  My other folder is for my contacts and messaging.

Getting Places:  The Galaxy comes with 2 handy apps for finding where you need to go with Google maps, and the Navigation app which comes free with the phone is just like a GPS. I have no data on my phone tab so I connect to WiFi, enter where I need to go before I leave, and it saves the program for when you’re on the road. It’s great!

A few other great things: -Texting is faster and easier with the new keyboard swipe. You hardly have to lift a finger.

Face Recognition-  You can unlock your screen with just looking at your phone.  It’s awesome! Also, you can set your phone to tag the pictures you have taken from your contacts.

In conclusion, I love my Samsung Galaxy S3.  Overall,  I love the size of the screen, the back button, and additional options button. The camera is great and the speaker is loud.  I would recommend this phone to anyone. I love my S3 so much that I’d hate to go a day without it.

Here are some pictures I have taken…

20121115_16140520121113_20092220121108_220809Love this camera!


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