The Bully Project movie was by far the most telling tale of life as a child in today’s society.  Despite this movie being an American focus, I want to share with you come Canadian Statistics on Bullying prior to my review.

  • Canada has the 9th highest rate of bullying in the 13-years-olds category on a scale of 35 countries1
  • At least 1 in 3 adolescent students in Canada have reported being bullied recently2
  • Among adult Canadians, 38% of males and 30% of females reported having experienced occasional or frequent bullying during their school years3
  • 47% of Canadian parents report having a child victim of bullying4
  • Any participation in bullying increases risk of suicidal ideas in youth5
  • The rate of discrimination experienced among students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-identified, Two-Spirited, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) is three times higher than heterosexual youth4
  • Girls are more likely to be bullied on the Internet than boys6
  • 7% of adult Internet users in Canada, age 18 years and older, self-reported having been a victim of cyber-bullying at some point in their life7
  • The most common form of cyber-bullying involved receiving threatening or aggressive e-mails or instant messages, reported by 73% of victims6
  • 40% of Canadian workers experience bullying on a weekly basis7

The statistics are staggering and very real when you watch The Bully Project.  From Tyler to Alex, bullying has many faces and sometimes it is swept under the carpet by simply stating that “Boys will be Boys” “He’s always been a little odd.” or “They are teenagers”.

The Bully Project Review

the_bully_project_001Personally, I could relate to Alex’s tale of being bullied daily but assuming that these people were his friends in some obscure way.   I remember in my high school days being the target of my friend’s frequent mood swings.  They would gang up on me and degrade me by giving me the silent treatment while all the while I would suffer in silence wondering what I did to deserve this?  There were other people in my life who would resort to the silent treatment.  I simply don’t stand for it anymore nor do I condone it.   It is bullying and emotional abuse.  While Alex’s abuse was far more severe, both were just as damaging emotionally.

“Sometimes I just want to be the bully.”, says Alex.

Yes, a human being can only take so much.

The-Bully-ProjectThen we have Tyler who committed suicide due to consistent bullying at school.   His parent’s are left to grieve with no one at fault civilly or criminally.   They are now activists against bullying and will not rest until bullying is a thing of the past.  Will this ever happen?  It’s doubtful.

I was absolutely shocked with the principal’s ignorance in this movie in regards to bullying behavior.  I found it very telling when Alex said “You didn’t do nothing about __________ sitting on my head” to his school’s Vice-Principal.

The VP retorted that the boy never did sit on Alex’s head again after her intervention.  Alex quickly answered “No, he does other stuff now.” Un-be-lieveable!

All of the stories in the Bully Project enables us to relate to a moment where we were the bully, the bullied, or a bystander.  It provides us with that reminder that bullying is not OK under any circumstance.

The Bully Project Giveaway and Share

I am giving away one copy of the Bully Project to one of my readers.  All that I ask is that you watch it and pass it on. Whether you setup a viewing in your town or pay it forward to someone else, this important message is for all to see.

Entry is very simple and I have decided to keep myself out of the message and the giveaway of this movie.  It’s all about them – THE BULLIED.

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