tanning+momRecently on the internet I heard a story about a mother taking her 5 year old child to a tanning salon.  Charges were initially laid on the women but recently, the charges were dropped. She could have faced 10 years in prison for child endangerment. This case really got me thinking about what our world is coming to and how crazy people have become.  The woman was arrested in April 2012 after her then 5-year-old daughter showed up at school with a sunburn and officials accused her of taking the child into a tanning booth.


In this video you see a woman that makes virtually no sense and in my opinion should not have a child. She comes off as crazy and sounds somewhat like a drug addict.  However she is not a drug addict , she is addicted to tanning!

I believe that beauty has really become something that IS just skin deep. Some people push themselves to look so much different than they look when they are not wearing any products, like hair dyes, make up, wigs, and other things.  Even around my school I have seen girls coating their faces in make up so much that it looks like they are wearing a mask.

People can do little things like wearing a little make up and getting a hair cut, but I think mainly girls have become uncomfortable in their own skin.  The woman in the video has tanned so much that she looks like she should be living in the tropics.  Children look up to their parents and if an adult isn’t comfortable with their own body, can you imagine how a kid would feel going through all the changes?

Nobody will ever be perfect and people need to realize that. Some people have become so obsessed with beauty that they start to drive themselves crazy like this woman. “People suck”.

I personally am not a big fan of make up, tanning and things like that. Dressing up is fine and complimenting the features you already have is awesome  It can boost your confidence, but honestly how will you get confidence when you are getting compliments on how good you look when you cover yourself in so much make up that you don’t look like the person you really are? When you go home and take it all off you will be the same real person you were in the morning.

Sorry for rambling but this story really got me worked up and thinking about what high schools and other places have become. People will always judge. That will never stop.  At the end of the day, it’s your life and everyone else is just a piece of the puzzle

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