Over March Break, Jordan and I will be travelling to Gaspe Quebec to see my grandparents and relatives courtesy of Via Rail.

This will be our first long distance trip without our parents. We are both very excited to share our march break experience aboard VIA Rail and the BEAUTIFUL Gaspé Coast.

I’m very excited to bring Jordan to the town I was born as I constantly talk about it!

During our travels I will be updating Via: Twitter, Blog and Vlog!   I’m very nervous so it’s going to be very…interesting I guess you can say.

We will be leaving Kitchener at 9:15 am on Friday and will arrive at our destination at 12:30 the next day! I will try to update every hour since VIA Rail offers free Wi-Fi on their trains!  Via Rail provides fantastic route guides to provide information to travelers on how many stops there will be, as well as a little information about the towns.  For a first time traveler not knowing what to expect, this helps a lot.

I’m very excited and I’m hoping we don’t get lost in the Toronto or Montreal Station.  We have only 40 minutes to check our baggage in Toronto and get on the train.   However, in Montreal, we have an hour and forty minutes.

I will probably upload any Vlogs I make during this trip within a few hours (it takes a long time to upload).  You can follow my YouTube channel it is  Be sure to follow #TeenBreakWithVia on Twitter as well!

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