Ever since the summer of grade 9 I have had a part time job at a Turkey farm collecting eggs.  The reason I decided to get a part time job was once i got to high school my mom said she wasn’t going to pay for all my clothes and other things like that for me anymore.

I’m sure we’ve all heard this..

How to Apply For A Job…

The first thing your going to want to do is create a basic resume.  Include work experience  even if you haven’t had a job there must be something work related you have done. for example , cutting grass , or doing chores around the house. Try to find some experience related to the job you are applying for.  I would recommend looking at example resumes on the internet to find out what yours should look like.

The other thing that is good to have is a cover letter.  this allows you to tell a little about yourself, why you are interested in the job, and why you would be a good worker.  Cover letters are pretty simple just make yourself sound good and write a letter. If you need to i would also recommend looking at example ones.

I learned to do most of these things from what my parents taught me , and also from looking on the internet.  Some courses you can take in school to help you prepare for a job are,  Careers and CO-OP OR OYAP.

The Rewards Of Making Your Own Money…

Since i got my job I have loved having the freedom to spend my money on what I want When I want.  It has taught me the value of money and how to save and spend wisely.. because after all money really doesn’t grow on trees.   I have got to do more things that are fun like.. paying for my trip to cuba last summer, buying a kayak I wanted and getting a new BMX bike and new parts whenever I want them.

There are also more important things I have learned to pay for such as, my phone bills, gas money to get me places, paying to get my drivers license and driver training (which can be very costly) .  Also when it comes to Christmas and birthdays I now have to buy gifts for other people.  Recently I have had to get  prom tickets for Christina and I which are pretty expensive and also I have to get a suit for graduation and prom.  I am so excited for Prom and its just around the bend i’m sure it will be a great night.

Why its good…

I now can afford things I want and have something to put on my resume. I have learned to work hard and not complain and have prepared myself for what will happen after high school when I move out and become more independent.

If you are a teen in high school I would highly recommend getting a part time job, it will help you in the long run and therer is nothing like having your own money.

The only downside of having a job is you have new responsibility , it can be stressful at times and you may miss out on weekends and all the free time you would normally have.. but hey you cant win them all!


Thanks for reading , and good luck 🙂


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