My last Oprah experience at Lifeclass in Toronto. Amazing!!

I am just so excited.  A year ago, I never imagined that I would be granted the honour of being in the presence of Oprah Winfrey once let alone twice!

Well she’s back in Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaa and coming to Hamilton, Ontario on April 13, 2013.   The most influential person in the world Oprah Winfrey will be at the Copps Coliseum for a 90-minute talk followed by a question-and-answer session conducted by a celebrity interviewer.

Well if you’re following my journey of teenage angst, growing a business, and trying to remain happy in the midst of it all, you’ll know that a little soul searching and rejuvenation is SO necessary.  If anyone can inspire, SHE is the optimal choice.

Over the past two months, I entered a few contests and also hoped that a few brands would recognize my love of Oprah and invite me to attend a VIP event.  Neither one transpired as it wasn’t meant to be.   So I counted my pennies and I bought my ticket today.  Despite being ridiculously poor from investing in my business, I do not have one regret!  I am pumped!  Are you pumped Oprah?

Another fabulous thing that is happening tomorrow is that I get to dine with some of the OWN Ambassadors.  I am tickled pink as these ladies are the kindest, most caring individuals I have ever met on social media.  I’m so proud that I was taken into their group with open arms with no expectations but sharing the love we all have for Oprah.

Tell me. Are you going to Oprah tomorrow night?   I’m in Section 210 – Row 5.  Come and say hi!  I’ve always got a smile for you.

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