As I am sure you all may have heard Christina recently received a puppy from myself and Trina for her birthday. We have had a wonderful time raising little Molly but have discovered it can be a real struggle, especially when juggling school and work. Molly was a very smart dog and learned things quick. She was hyper at times which made her hard to keep track of. I really liked Molly but she was a huge responsibility especially with all the things that have been going on in our lives recently.

Molly and I 12 week old Yorkie Poo
Molly and I 12 week old Yorkie Poo

The Story

After trying to raise Molly for a couple of weeks, arguing over who would take care of her when and what would happen if god forbid we did break up, Christina decided Molly was not right for our home. It took me a lot of thinking and talking to both families as to what we should do with this situation and in the end we all decided the best thing to do would be to resell Molly. In one day we had found an ideal family for her where she could be happy for life and not have people who regret having her it was a new family with two kids living out in the country. I truly believe she will be happy there and well trained I think about her all the time but I know it was Probably for the best.

Looking Back

Looking back on this experience I have a lot of regret and sadness , however I did learn many things from it. I learned that when buying an animal it takes a crazy amount of thought and dedication you have to all the time be ready and watching. If you are thinking of buying a puppy I really suggest thinking of some easy things like..

1.Will We/I have time for it?

2.Will I be able to afford it? (vet bills are crazy)

3.Will I be able to dedicate my time to raising it right?

4.Is it a good idea at the time?

5.Am I doing this to try and fix another issue?

Think of these things and decide if getting a puppy is right for you.

I have had 2 dogs in my lifetime and I love them to death. Most dogs owners do and one of the things that can be most difficult is losing a dog. I was so hurt when our dog Roxy passed away 4 years ago at 9 years old. she was one of the best dogs ever and we still miss her every day. she was only gone for a week and my family couldn’t take it our home seemed more like a house without our dog to greet us at the door.

Anyways that’s enough rambling for today about that and I thing its time to forgive and forget and move on! I will always miss Molly but I know she will have a better life in her new home.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading 🙂

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