Simons-CardiganSimons highly respects life’s diversity and its beauty. Their mission is to transfer their passion of fashion in places where people are taken care of by offering them an original, friendly and pleasant environment. Their brand cultivates curiosity and a creative spirit and finds inspiration through travels and discoveries.

I love shopping online for most items.  In regards to clothing, I call it the online browse.  Browsing allows the pleasure of viewing an item and its quality before I venture off to the store to purchase it.  I know……I should be buying online more, but I’m still an old schooler who likes to try on their clothes before they buy.

Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe.  From dressy cardigans to a ‘night by the fire cardigan’, I love them all.   My 18-year-old daughter also sports a cardigan on a daily basis.   Sweaters are an essential party of being a Canadian.  Simons online selection of cardigans is super!

Simons has fashions for women, men, and children that are easy to maintain and affordable for any budget.    They also offer products for the home.  What I like most about their website is that it is so easy to maneuver around.  Being an online marketing consultant, I’m constantly scrutinizing a website for its usability.  Simons has put a lot of thought into their customer and how they shop.

One can’t have enough department stores in the area and I wish that we had a Simons closer to home.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to browse online.

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