When it comes to holidays, the temptations of exploring the unknown and venturing into new and seemingly greener pastures seduce us to the spend our time abroad. While there is indeed an overabundance of weird, wild and wonderful places to travel outside of Canada, there are also some wonderful holiday destinations that can be reached without crossing the border. Here are a few fantastic internal holiday destinations for Canadians.

Lake Louise

No guide on Canada would be complete without mentioning the gorgeous Lake Louise. A world class picturesque site, Lake Louise is a place all Canadians ought to visit at some point in their lives.


Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and beholding a great glacier, Lake Louise is a fantastic place for both sightseeing and skiing.

The luxury Chateaux Lake Louise resort is a brilliant way to enjoy this beautiful mountain lake; however, it is also an expensive way. Cheaper alternatives can therefore be found in the numerous camp grounds around Lake Louise.

Croc Talk Conservation and Rescue

One of the great things about Canada is its abundance of animals and wildlife. From Kangaroos and wallabies to elks, deer and bears, Canada is a country fortunate enough to boast a wide variety of different creatures.


Crocodiles are beastly creatures and the type of animal you won’t forget the experience of seeing. However in order for crocodiles to remain in Canada in the long run, we need more and more Canadians visiting them and spending their money on conservation parks such as Croc Talk. Money talks and it is only when the conservation of wild animals becomes a sustainable, money making venture that its conservation can be guaranteed.

There are people throughout the world who would love to have the opportunity to see crocodiles in the wild. We should not take this for granted.
Kelowna hotels are plentiful and can be found online.


A town within Alberta’s Banff National Park, Banff is simply a place all human beings should visit in their lifetimes, let alone just Canadians. Combining spectacular scenery, a wide variety of wildlife, and great restaurants and nightclubs all together, Banff perfectly combines nature with fun.


However this is no place to visit expecting peace, quiet and solitude. Arguably overcrowded and buzzing with bars at night, it is only for those who can deal with more than a little bit of hustle and bustle.

What can be said however, is that old or young, you will have fun in Banff; it’s just impossible not to.

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