Badda Bing; All Hail The Mobster King

TMZ reported the death of James Gandolfini at 4:22 pm PST.  It was reported that Gandolfini, at age 51, died of a heart attack while on holidays with family in Rome, Italy.  He was expected to attend the 59th Taormina Film Festival, in Sicily, with Italian director Gabriele Muccino.

While Gandolfini made his big screen debut in “True Romance” where he played the role of a heavy in 1993, he is best known as the ruthless mob boss Tony Soprano from the HBO hit series “The Sopranos”.  Gandolfini also starred in many films over the years including “Get Shorty,” “The Mexican” and “Zero Dark Thirty.”


Gandolfini leaves behind wife, Deborah Lin, his 9-month old daughter, and his teenage son from another marriage.   Life’s a Blog will miss this genius actor.

What is your favorite James Gandolfini role?   Do you have any memorable Tony Soprano moments?  Let’s celebrate his life in the comments below.

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