There is something magical about Canada’s Wonderland that takes us away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.  Last week, my family enjoyed a full day from the folks at Canada’s Wonderland and we had a blast.

The last time we visited Wonderland our children we smaller and we were eager to take them on all of the rides in the theme park…..This year, the tables turned.  Yes, we have become an old couple where I finally understand the anxiety that my older friends experienced (when we were young) in regards to thrill rides.

“Would we have a heart attack while riding the Great Canadian Minebuster?” ….”Would my big butt fit in the seat?”

“Would the long wait in line and the craziness of Flight Deck invoke an accident one cannot ignore with Crohn’s Disease?”

Our Day at Canada’s Wonderland

Victoria Falls High DiversYes, my husband and I are officially old but we had a great time at Canada’s Wonderland all the same.  We took in many of the shows including Cirque Ambiente, Kinet-X, and the infamous Victoria Falls High Divers.

My daughter and her friend took advantage of all of the rides until fear factor set in and opted out of the Leviathan and the Behemoth, where my husband got in line with my daughter and once again…..chickened out.

Like any theme park, the lines were relatively long but the wait was pleasant because the weatherman cooperated.

The Marketplace International Buffet

For lunch, we dined at The Marketplace International Buffet where an adult can eat all they want for $19.99.  The food was good and I felt that the price was amazing seeing that you can conquer lunch and dinner at the same time if timed correctly.

While my daughter was very excited to see us go on some rides, we realized that we were getting older and enjoyed the finer parts of the park.   We realized that it was much more fun to bring your tweens rather than your teens simply due to our age.

Funny Canada’s Wonderland Family Moment

While waiting in line for Flight Deck, my husband was sure that he couldn’t go on.   After a big lunch and suffering from Crohn’s Disease, he felt that Flight Deck may not be the best option.  While getting strapped into the ride, my husband looked at me and said “I can’t do this”.  So we called someone over and he quickly exited the ride area but not without snickers and comments about “being old” from my 18-year-old daughter behind us.

As soon as the ride started once again, I had a panic attack.  “Was I going to make it?”….”Would I die on this monstrosity of a ride?”  Being the very stubborn person that I am, I did not call anyone to get off.   I thought to myself, If I die, I die.   I closed my eyes and never opened them until the ride was complete.   Phew, I survived.

As I exited the Flight Deck, I wondered where did the “Sleep when I’m dead” Trina go and when did I become such a hypochondriac?  Immediately I realized that all of us grow older with a little fear in us when we start focusing more on health and well being.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way if we continue to take chances.

I didn’t have a heart attack, my butt fit in the seat, and I had an awesome day with my family.

Thrills and Spills for you and your family


I highly recommend Canada’s Wonderland to any young family who enjoys fantasy, thrill rides, and fun.   Although my children are older and take more risks, parents can still find fun things to do within the theme park.  Who knows…… may even stifle up the bravery to join them on a thrill ride or two as well.

Life’s a Blog enjoyed Canada’s Wonderland so much that we want you to go as well!  Until August 7th, you can enter to win a Family 4-pack to Canada’s Wonderland.  Enter today in the entry form below.  Good luck!

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