Temptations cat treats not only has delectable treats for your cat, but they have also launch a site to encourage more activity in your cat’s life.  As an animal lover, this sponsored posts impressed me  because cats need their exercise and by implementing some one-on-one play time is essential in keeping your cat’s spring in their step for many years to come.

This cat aerobic’s site focuses cat shelter owners Kate and George and the kitty workout program called….you guess it “WORK IT KITTY”.  All workout programs are tailored to every kitty that walks through their door.

Here are some tips to keep your kitty active

To maximize your cats aerobic performance start them off with the following simple exercises:

  1. Fill a ball with treats and roll it around.
  2. Hide treats around your house and watch your cat hunt them down.
  3. Throw a ball back and forth with your friend/spouse.
  4. Use a laser pointer – your cat will chase that bright red dot for hours.
  5. Randomly leave treats on  garden tables / low walls. Cats love to jump, and it’s a great way to maintain muscle tone. Alternate where treats are left to increase movement and hold interest levels.

Don’t let your cat become a Garfield lasagna loving feline!  While it is achievable to have your cat perform the activities in the video below, you should never rush your cat into doing these exercises.

Tell me would you send your kitty to a workout program with Kate and George?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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