I just finished 4 horrible years of high school. High School for me at least was a popular game. How can I be popular, how can I get him/her to like me, how can I fit in? Throughout High School I pretended to be someone i’m most certainly was not and that was being the girl who went after the super cute jocks, hung out with the “oh my god” girls and well bought a lot of over priced clothing to fit in.

Right now, #INCOMINGFRESHMANADVICE is trending on twitter and I decided to blog about it

So Freshman here is my advice to you.

1. Be true to yourself
When you begin High School everything is so new and exciting. You’re going to be overwhelmed and most likely you will want to fit in. The truth is, if you didn’t “fit in” in Middle School you have a small chance to “fit in” in High School unless you moved away and you get to start out at a new school where no one knows you.

2. Join clubs you really want to join
My friends in High School didn’t want to join anything, so I ended up doing a lot of things by myself. I either had to go alone to these try outs or I decided not to try out at all. Most of the time, I didn’t go to the tryouts (because my friends didn’t want to join) which really sucked because who wants to do things alone? In Grade 10, I tried out for the Schools play and  got a part but none of my friends thought it was cool.  In the end, I didn’t go to the practice or didn’t help design the set. I really missed out on getting to know the rest of the cast and doing a lot of fun things they got to do. So my advice; Do what you want to do and don’t let your friends make you think less of yourself because if they are true friends they will wait and cheer you on.

3. Meet new people
By the end of high school, you probably won’t be friends with your grade school friends (unless they end up being just like you, which again is very unlikely.) So don’t let the friends you had in grade school hold you back from meeting new people! Meeting new people is fun, exciting and well sometimes they become better friends then the grade school friends.

4. Don’t sweat over the little stuff
I was an idiot and always worried about what people thought about me and honestly I still do. I was afraid of hearing what people thought of me I was afraid to say something stupid (which often happened) and well I was afraid of being mocked and laughed at.  Not everything you do will be the end of the world. Trust me, because people can hate you for so long until they get tired of hating you.

5. School is about education. NOT FRIENDS
This was the biggest mistake I made. Worrying about friendships over school. It was stupid!!
I made so many horrible friends in high school and all I cared about was kissing their ass. I didn’t care about education because we’re going to be best friends for ever and friendship can get you anywheres right?. WRONG.

By the time High School was done, I was done, worn out from constantly being used and tortured by these girls and guys who constantly used me for stupid things and were my so called friends. If they were your friends they wouldn’t try to run you over with their car or get mad at you for having the “same prom dress”. Everyone gets so mad at the little things of life.

What I’m trying to say is worry about your education because girls will be girls and boys will be boys!! Drama is not worth throwing your whole education down the drain.

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