Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor Reader Review

Here are the Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor reviews! Winner will be announce at the end of this week!

I received a Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razor through a contest by Life’s a Blog’s blogger Christina Hackett. The first thing I noticed about the razor was how pretty it looks: it has a lovely blue that reminds you of water and the pool side. The grip of the razor is very comfortable and is made in a way that it will not slip through your fingers. It’s quite good for a disposable razor. Now, for the most important part: the shaving. Some razors will be very good at first, but as you use it the hair will all get stuck in the razor. I waited to use this razor at least a few times before writing a review so it would reflect its use. I can say that I am satisfied with it, the shaving was made very smooth with the five curving blades that offers a close shave. There is a serum around the blades that moisturizes your skin while you shave when it is in contact with water. I was quite surprised with this disposable razor and would definitely recommend it.

– Karine


I have been you using the Schick Hydro Silk  disposable razor for about a week now and love it! This razor gives you a close shave that leaves your legs smooth and silky without razor burn. I also love that you get such a close shave that I didn’t need to shave everyday unlike other razors. The handle itself is designed to fit your handle perfectly to give you the ultimate shaving experience! I would recommend these razors to family and friends in fact I already a have!

– Caryn



I was so happy to review the Schick Hydro Silk Razor.

As soon as I opened the package I knew that it was shaped perfectly for the natural curve of the inside of my hand and had a natural spot where your finger would go to hold the razor in place!

The shave was extremely close with no nicks, cuts or razor burns!

I found that the movement of the razor head enabled me to shave around my knees and ankles with ease.

I was able to easily grip the razor which is important to me because I have arthritis in my hands.

My legs felt really smooth after using this razor which was a pleasant surprise, that I very much appreciate!

I also like that it came with its own razor guard!  I don’t know of many disposable razors that have one and with my grandkids running around this is a great safety measure!

I feel that this is a top of the line disposable razor and I won’t hesitate to puchase them in the future!


I have been holding off my shaving in anticipation of trying out this razor.  I did use body wash as I wasn’t sure if this one didn’t require soap just like my Intuition.  To test it, I did not go over any area twice.  That didn’t matter as one pass proved to be enough, except for one hair which I noticed after coming out of the shower.  I didn’t feel like putting body wash on again and I just used the razor as it and it worked too!

I’m very happy with it.

– Shirley

I like this razor very much. This razor provided me with a nice, close shave. I expected it to be like any other disposable razor, but I was wrong. The schick hydro silk disposable razor I used gave me a better shave than any other disposable razor I have ever used. I highly recommend it, I give it 10 out of 10 stars. Thank you schick for letting me test out this razor.

By Sydney D.


Written by Christina H

Christina is back in Toronto pursuing her dreams of writing. She loves exploring around Ontario and has found that Toronto is what captures her spirit.

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