I constantly feel like i’m lost for words! I feel like every time I go to write I get lost in some ramble that I know no one will care about. All i’ve been doing lately is watching movies, hanging with certain people and well working. Recently, my life changed into something so confusing and new; a transition that I don’t like.
I’m becoming an adult which i’m finally realizing sucks and wasn’t what I thought it would be. Every night when I get home from work I have so much to say but the words don’t come out right. I feel like I stare into my computer thinking; “where do I start” or “what do I write?”.

For those song writers, writers, authors, bloggers or whatever (or should I say whoever you are) how do you get inspired? Even if you don’t write things, how do you get inspired to carry on with your day? I really want to know!

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