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On September 4th, Perrier paid tribute to the late Andy Warhol by introducing a series of limited-edition Perrier Sparkling Water bottles in Canada inspired by the legendary pop artist in celebration of Perrier’s 150th anniversary.


Perrier, known for its taste and the ultimate refreshment it provides, is a naturally sparkling mineral water with just the right combination of creativity, elegance and avant-gardism. Since 1863, Perrier has always been extravagant, offbeat and surprising, and it remains one of the most legendary brands of our time.

In 2013, Perrier celebrates 150 years of success and to commemorate this important year, Perrier is reviving its unique artistic encounter with Andy Warhol by memorializing the artist’s visionary approach to making art on bottles of Perrier. Perrier is re-branding its label with Andy Warhol’s colourful backgrounds and paint effects with limited-edition bottles.

Perrier launches the exclusive Warhol packaging on its most popular formats in Canada including the 750mL glass and the 1L and 500mL plastic bottles, all available for a limited time beginning September 1st. The plastic bottle format experienced a growth rate of 15 per cent in Canada aligning with the busy on-the-go schedules of Perrier’s target consumer, the Social Trendsetter.
750 mL Glass 6X 1L or 500mL Pack Plastic 500 mL Plastic 1L Plastic


The partnership between Perrier and Andy Warhol started in 1983, when Jean Davray, Perrier’s Vice President and General Manager at the time, met up with the artist in New York and proposed to Warhol to sign serigraphs for the brand. The pop artist took the challenge and created over 40 works featuring the iconic Perrier bottle in a vibrant colour palette that year.

Keeping the partnership alive through the decades, The Andy Warhol Foundation is collaborating once again with Perrier to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Further information on the Foundation can be found at


As early as the 1870s, Perrier became known for its innovative advertising campaigns.

  • In 1870, Perrier launched its first advertising for the spring with the slogan “the princess of table waters”
  • In 1946, Jean Davray had the inspired idea of using posters as the main medium for Perrier advertising campaigns. The most famous poster artists lent their talents to the “champagne of table waters” including Jean-Gabriel Domergue and Salvador Dali.
  • In the 1960s, Perrier made its first appearance on the big screen with the combined talents of directors such as Georges Lautner, François Reichenbach and Philip Lorin. Famous trio campaigns including the Three Musketeers and the Three Kings were all used to express that sense of mockery that Jean Davray presented when he launched in 1970 the famous slogan “Perrier, c’est fou.
  •  In the early 1990s, with the theme “water, air and life” the filmmakers Jean-Paul Goude and the director Ridley Scott created two famous advertisings for Perrier, which later in 1991 won France the Grand Prize of the 38th Cannes Advertising Film Festival.
  •  In June 1993, Perrier released the commercial that shows little lead soldiers launching an attack on a refrigerator, to liberate the bottles of Perrier and spray sparkling water over the crowd desperate for water.
  •  In 2000, Perrier’s campaign with the film “The Egyptians” directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, kept all the fans on tenterhooks.
  •  In 2009, a new event was added to the Perrier advertising saga. The episode called “Melting” showed a planet suffering from a heat so intense that everything around us was beginning to melt and Perrier was the final solution.
  •  In 2012, “The Drop” directed by Johan Renck, showed Earth suffering an extreme heat wave which forces the inhabitants to seek the last resort: they set a spaceship to cool down the sun with a single drop of Perrier.


I love the classic look of the Perrier bottle.   Their green bottle has never went unnoticed at the grocery store or our local hangout.  I love my Perrier with a splash of lemon or lime on a hot summer’s day.  Their website Societe Perrier is a fun website to visit and learn about new culture, fashion, and great Perrier drink recipes!

We are so excited to invite you to join Life’s a Blog and Perrier in celebrating their 150th year by entering to win a The Warhol inspired basket worth $350.00.   Entries start today and will run until September 30th.  Good luck!

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