Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Bringing Back the 80’s at Centre in the Square

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo played at the Centre in the Square, in Kitchener, Ontario, on Wednesday to an eager crowd ranging from twenty to fifty.  This intimate story filled evening was filled with songs recorded by the duo since 1979.  It’s amazing that this duo has been together over thirty-nine years and will be married for thirty-five.  Are we really that old folks?

Sixty-year old Benatar opened the show with hits “All Fired Up”, “Invincible” and “So Sincere”.   As the show progressed, Giraldo, who performed amazing guitar solos throughout the evening, took to the microphone and explained their musical adventure since 1979.  Meeting in New York in 1979, Giraldo and Benatar started creating lyrical pieces while simultaneously introducing their music to the recording industry.  Their success resulted in creating one album every year for the next eight years.

My favorite Pat Benatar song of the evening was “We Belong”.  Her voice hasn’t changed throughout the years and time has been good to her.  It is so true that this medley is one of the most popular Karaoke songs at local karaoke venues.

Benatar closed her set with “Love is a Battlefield” and returned to the stage for a three-song encore and ending the show with “Heartbreaker”.


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