I love my dog Chloe.  She is the best thing that ever happened in this home because she always provides us with a giggle everyday.  With the holidays fast approaching, master groomer Cheryl McNaughten has partnered with Purina to provide some great tips to ensure your four legged friend looks their festive best.

Your canine may or may not require regular grooming but there are many ideas that should be incorporated into every animal’s life to say feeling and looking great!!!

Squeaky clean

Keep Chloe clean is difficult at times.  She hates the bath but it is very important that she gets a good scrubbing once a month.   This holiday season, ensure that your canine is a bathed and beautiful before guests arrive and start taking photos of their crazy antics.

For dogs, use baby shampoo which won’t harm your pup if it gets in their eyes. Do not use conditioner, leave that to the experts and be sure to use lukewarm water so your furry friend doesn’t catch a cold! Once your pet is sparkling clean, towel dry and then use a hair dryer on the coolest setting to dry off their fur.

Brush it out

Chloe HackettChloe is a cocker spaniel King Charles.   She sheds….a lot.  I personally love taking her to the groomer because she looks like a brand new puppy when she comes home.   However, in between those visits, I try to brush her regularly to avoid mats and to look good.

Grooming your pet will ensure they look their holiday best! When grooming your pet on your own it is important to prepare yourselves with the right tools. Consider a slicker brush, as it is easy to hold and use on short to medium haired dogs. Or, use a rake brush, which is ideal for those pups that have a double coat and shed a lot (i.e. Husky and Shepherd). Combs also work well for removing mats; just remember to use a metal comb with a tephlon coating as plastic combs will cause static.  For your purring friend, make sure to use a small slicker brush and comb.

Styling techniques

Aside from a nice wrap, Chloe has never rocked the fashion scene with doggie styles.  As I said previously, I do try to keep her looking great with daily brushing.  Cheryl has some great ideas on styling techniques for your canine.

More adventurous pet owners, who want that extra special seasonal style might consider some fashion forward techniques. To create a sleak and stylish look on your curly haired dog simply brush out the hair while blow drying.  This works especially well for dogs like doodles or poodles. When it comes to festive fur fashion consider shaving a holiday inspired candy cane or star into your dog’s fur.  Looking to brighten things up for the holidays? Using flavoured drink crystals owners can dye their dog’s hair bright and bold colours. Perhaps a green and red tail for the holiday season? Special dog-appropriate nail polish is now also available for those looking to create that paw-fect look.  If your pet doesn’t have the patience for beautification, a festive accessory like reindeer antlers or a pretty ribbon for that added holiday touch.

Flash those pearly whites


Chloe is a Dentastik lover.  I give them to her one once a week with the assumption that they are helping her teeth.  I honestly have not brushed Chloe’s teeth but I think Cheryl’s advice is going to make me give it a go!

Dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Train your pet at a young age to be comfortable with teeth brushing. Encourage them to sit and stay while you put the brush in their mouth as you praise them. If you do this daily, with luck, you may be able to get your dog to a point where he will let you brush his teeth. Human toothpaste is not safe for your pet, so look for a pet-approved product. You can also try any of the various chew products (toys or treats) that scrape off plaque as pups gnaw on them.

Now that your four legged friend is fancy and looking fabulous, it’s time for them to make their mark with Purina’s Wonderfur Winter contest. To celebrate the festivities of the holiday season, Purina is inviting Canadians to submit their favourite pet photos to The dogs and cats with the most votes have the chance to be featured on the Purina® Wonderfur Winter™ holiday treats package next year.

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