This week, Justin Bieber was arrested for drinking and driving, drag racing and resisting arrest without violence.  Reports are now coming out that his alcohol level was minuscule and the drag racing was not at 60 MPH, as reported by Miami police, according to the rental company’s GPS.

Here are my thoughts on Justin Bieber’s arrest

  • Regardless if the alcohol level was .08 or .014,  Justin Bieber should never have been at that bar underage and should never have been drinking and driving.  It’s standard practice for every human being and this child star should receive no preferential treatment when it comes to abiding the law.
  • Justin Bieber’s Dad had this to say about his arrest.   What do you make of this?Jeremy-Bieber-tweets-about-his-children-3058053
    I think if my kid was accused of such and I felt compelled to tweet, I would simply write what every child hates to hear their parent say.  “I am disappointed” and point no blame to exterior stimuli.  Who is the enemy exactly Jeremy?  The cops?   I say stop enabling by calling a spade a spade.
  • TMZ also makes light of Justin’s situation by posting this survey for it’s readers to vote on.  And boy did the reader’s vote!  Look at these results.  I mean really……forecasting his demise in 10 years?
TMZ Bieber Stat


At the end of the day, Justin Bieber is still a teenager.  A pampered teenager who could get away with anything short of murder.  We’ve seen it too many times with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and countless others.  They simply cannot learn from their teenage antics without THE LESSON.

Do I think he will get through this?  I’m hopeful.

Will I predict his demise in 10 years?  No I won’t.

Do I think he’s an addict?  It’s not for me to judge as I’m not with him everyday.  However, he sure is doing a lot of strange things to gather attention.

His future is in his hands.  It is only Bieber who can decide who he is and how he wants to represent himself in the eyes of his family and the public.  Thus far, comparing himself to Michael Jackson is not that promising, seeing that the child star died of an overdose at the age of 50.   Even representing himself as an icon who can walk out of a prison with throngs of supporters in tow is somewhat egotistic.  It is my considered opinion that one, celebrity or not, should learn the lesson of the incident and show humility for your actions.

I really get a laugh at the social media hype about Bieber’s parents.   Most of those who have a comment about no parental control obviously doesn’t have teenage kids!  Most importantly, they certainly don’t have a pampered teenage kid with throngs of money to bask in.  His parent’s have minimal control over him or his decisions.   Parent’s of typical teens lose a certain level of control at a very early age because teens are meant to push boundaries.   With or without money, the only thing we can do is support and cheer their victories and pray and guide when they lose their way.  With or without money, as parents, we should never ever enable, justify or blame our children’s shortcomings on other people.

As far as Bieber’s management and record label goes, Bieber brings in the big bucks. So hopefully they’ll have the morality to hold all future deals until Justin figures his life out and how he wants to represent himself.

As for myself and the general public, instead of sensationalizing on Bieber’s behaviour and current misfortunes, we have to ask ourselves how we would respond if it was our kid?   Would we make light of it?   I don’t think so.   As parent’s we can only hope for the best for Bieber and other children doing exactly the same thing as he is doing at this time.  Testing boundaries.

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