Mariana's Trench Here's to Zero

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, parties, and socializing, Marianas Trench Ian Casselman spent some time with Life’s a Blog to talk about their new single Here’s to the Zeros, released on Christmas Day.

  1. Tell us about the new single and why you chose to release it on Christmas Day? 

    Here’s to the Zeros is our brand new single we finished up a few months ago.  We were brainstorming on how to give back to our fans and we thought that with Christmas coming up we could give everyone a gift this year if we released the track on Christmas day! 

  2. Your countdown and the user engagement that it encourages is very unique.  Who came up with this idea? 

    We always try to ensure that we are interacting with our fans who are indeed the best fans around.  A few of the girls at our label actually helped us put this together and I think they did a killer job. It’s always more fun when you get fans involved in what you do. 

  3. Best thing/experience to happen to the group in 2014? 

    I’d say playing Canada Day on Parliament Hill was a lot of fun for us. It was an honour to play for out country and playing live in front of that many people was truly an amazing experience.

  4. What’s happening on Christmas Day for the group? 

    We’re all going to have a low key Christmas this year spending time with loved ones, opening gifts and drinking a few merry cocktails!

  5. Any special Christmas wishes? 

    We wish for everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season full of cheer and goodwill.  Sometimes these things can be hard to come by these days so we encourage everyone to spread as much love and good vibes with as many people as possible. Karma is a wonderful thing!

  6. Do you celebrate New Year’s Eve together? 

    We have at times in the past and this year we just may again. We may be having a Happy Trench Year!


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