Flogging Molly and Gogol Bordello killed it at the Sound Academy on June, 21st 2015. I left truly speechless. I’ve seen so many live performances, but this one has to be one of my favourites, which makes it so hard to write about it.
Both bands were incredible and gave such energetic performances that carried the audience. Both bands performed amazingly leaving the audience wanting more and more even screaming encore after encore just so they can hear more.

I enjoyed Flogging Molly, the singer Dave King, is very funny too. He kept cracking little jokes and was so funny. The band is truly so talented.

I wasn’t familiar with Flogging Molly or Gogol Bordello music but I can honestly I had so much fun and am now a huge fan since I can’t stop listening to their music ever since I left the Sound Academy.
Their fans are outrageous and you could feel the bands energy filled the room. I found myself getting goose bumps because the energy in the room was so inspiring and a little bit over whelming (in a good way.)

The audience found it so hard to leave because they just wanted more and more. Eugene Hutz went out and played a song and tried to clear the house because people were refusing to leave even my friends and I were tempted to stay back and hang around for a little bit longer.
I loved Gogol Bordello the most. Especially, Eugene Hutz, singing and drinking wine on stage was so crazy awesome. Eugene and the rest of Gogol Bordello carried the most of the energy.

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