Traditionally Canada has not been known much for its gambling culture. Over recent years though with the poker craze going wild, together with a government adopting less rigorous regulation on gaming than its neighbor, it’s slowly becoming one. We’ve gathered a list of the best Canada-based online and offline gamblers according to and wrote a bit about their fascinating life stories.

1.Daniel Negreanu

Known as Kid Poker, because he was very young when he first made his name on the poker scene, Daniel Negreanu is one of the most recognized names in the world of professional poker. This is in part down to his many big wins, which include a number of WSOP bracelets and other big titles, but most of Daniel’s success is because of his TV appearances. Simply put, the cameras love him. He is confident, witty and despite being one of the best players in the game, he makes enough reckless moves every now and then to keep the viewers entertained and to ensure the online gambling sites such as and networks are always chasing his signature. Daniel was the face of The Big Game and Late Night Poker, two of the biggest poker TV shows of recent years, and he even starred in his own TV show, known as The Million Dollar Challenge. This show only ran for 2 short seasons, but in that time it became the most watched poker show in TV history.

 2. Guy Laliberte

One of the richest men in the country, Guy made his name and his fortune by founding Cirque de Soleil as you can see on, a global brand that generates enough cash for Guy to live the high life. The Quebec native is also an avid gambler and poker player, with large chunks of his earnings pumped back into high-stakes cash games, live tournaments and sessions on the blackjack tables, roulette wheels and online slots. It seems that he is as comfortable in a casino as he is in the big-top.

3. Brian Molony

A compulsive gambler from the city of Toronto, Molony is unfortunately not remembered for any big wins or impressive performances. If anything, he lost more money than he won, as he was into gambling more for the rush than for a profit. Brian was a big fan of sports betting and horse racing, which is where most of his money went in the early days, but he also had a love for the casino. Even as a child it is reported that he was obsessed with gambling, acting as a bookie for his friends and fellow pupils. Things went downhill fast for Molony when his gambling habit took hold, which is so often the case. In an effort to feed his habit he embezzled millions of dollars from the Imperial Bank of Commerce, and that is what Molony is most remembered for, as seen on He was arrested on 1982 after losing about a million dollars in a single day of gambling at Atlantic City. It’s fair to say that he went out with a bang and as he only served a couple of years in prison, maybe he still considered the whole ordeal to be worth it for the rush of gambling $1 million in a single day. Check out to see which celebrities love to play the lottery. They haven’t lost $1 million in one day, but love to spin the wheel every now and then.

4. Sorel Mizzi

Best known for his online play, where he has accumulated vast amounts of money under the name Imper1um, Sorel is one of the biggest names in poker. He plays live events as well and has devoted his life to the game. He is also sponsored by Titan Poker, who supplements his live tournament entries and also pays him a little on the side. Sorel is living proof that you can make it in poker, even if you begin with just a few online games.

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