Now that the holidays have wrapped up, it’s time to figure out what to do with all the family photos you took on your smartphone over the break. Don’t let them join thousands of similar photos languishing on hard drives: print out the best ones and decorate your home with cherished family memories. Digital photography has made amateur photographers out of just about everyone. New camera technology means it’s easier than ever to produce high-quality images that you’re proud to put on display. The challenge is what you do when you’ve processed your favourite photos and you’re ready to print them out. Printers today can do a lot to produce high-quality images, but they’re not perfect yet.

First, here’s a brief rundown of your printing options:

Home Printing – Today’s printers can do amazing things with digital photos. As PC Mag describes it, you can get 90% of the best possible photo for 10% of the effort that it takes to produce perfection. Inkjet and thermal dye printers are the only pieces of hardware that do justice to digital photos. An inkjet printer can produce about the same quality photo as your local drugstore.

Online Printing – Apps like Snapfish and Shutterfly offer cloud storage for your photographs and easy printing. If you take a lot of photos with your phone, consider getting one of these apps. They offer high-quality printing at the click of a button, then you just head to your nearest Walmart or CVS to pick up the results. Besides photo printing, they can also print your photos on products like calendars, mugs, and pillows. These apps are good all-purpose, convenient photo printing options for any iPhone photographer.

Professional Lab – When 90% isn’t good enough, a professional photo lab is the only place to go. This is the top option for professional photographers who need top quality printings, but even amateurs can use it to print family photos worth displaying in the living room.

Now comes the display. That includes everything from the frame to the shelves. Contemporary decorators are big fans of floating shelves for displaying photos and decorations. They look sleek, they come in a variety of styles and shapes, from modern to traditional, and they take the clutter out of shelving. If you need an easy but stylish place to display framed photographs, whether they’re art photos or from the family album, floating shelves can transform any room they’re in. Check out an online furniture retailer for great deals on floating shelves. Retailers like Wayfair offer free shipping on orders over a certain price tag. From farmhouse mantels to edge picture frame ledges, floating shelves will fit any room.

With the right floating shelves, you can give your best photos pride of place in a living room gallery. Whether you print your photos at home or professionally, give them the space they deserve in your home.

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