Wow it’s been a hell of a year. A year where my duties as a blogger has fell by the wayside due to my deteriorating marriage. That said, the Gods were on my side and I was approved, with my gal pal Sharon, to cover the Roxodus Music Fest in Clearview Twp, Ontario. The lineup includes Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Nickleback, Lynard Skynyrd and Cheap Trick. So exciting,

Single and the Love of Festivals

I love Summer Music Festivals. This is the first time I will be attending a music festival as a single lady. It’s kind of exciting as, previous to this, we were both married ladies. So this time, there’s bound to be more Instastories, more shenanigans, and more fun. We also have the help of two other people (Mike and Julie) to make an impact on our journey of healing and new beginnings.

Sharon and Trina, Two Single Ladies Heading to Roxodus.

Our intentions are to let loose and enjoy the ride this Summer, starting with Roxodus and hopefully many more to following, including Boots and Hearts.

Getting media accreditation to cover this festival was my bright light back to life. For the past seven months, all I have experienced is doom and gloom. It hasn’t been a happy period.

Ticket and Camping Information

Not only is there VIP and General admission tickets still available for Roxodus, this four-day music festival offers tent and RV camping. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Roxodus Music Festival.

So cheers to the folks at Roxodus! You brought back my smile and my enthusiasm. I plan on covering this and covering it well.

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