Ah, we move to the next stage of our separation. The time to talk turkey between two lawyers, who are unaware of the depth of our 30-year relationship of the past and where it is today. It’s ok though. This is how the story ends with every couple.

I saw his IP on my blog today, and I can only suppose that he’ll be submitting this as proof that I’m a nasty ex-wife trying to ruin him. When in reality, it’s not him I’m trying to destroy. I’m doing this….

And this!

And this!

Our relationship ended when he decided not to reconcile. Not to try. Well, it was at that time I realized that I was free to tell my story and help others. There had to be others feeling the same devastation as myself. That’s what I’m known for. Need a shoulder? Call Trina. Need money? Call Trina. Need a little guidance? Call Trina. Today, have heartbreak? Pull up a chair and reach out to me cause I’m feeling it too.

I have a purpose and my purpose was never truly realized until all this happened. Very few brokenhearted people speak about their experience. We simply assume that since it’s family, it’s a “private” matter. We encourage both to move on because they “deserve” to be happy. We take zero focus on the fact that a family has been broken apart. Society says, “leave the kids out of it”, but the kids now have to choose whether they spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Mom or Dad. Have to dedicate their weekends between homes and also make time for friendships. Ya ok, the kids are not involved or affected at all. But we must stay silent.

In my case, we also have adult girlfriend and boyfriend families who are far less dysfunctional than our family this year.

Never Forget This

While you sit at your new pad, remember this my ex. I wanted to try and work on rebuilding a new marriage in Ottawa. You failed me, and I gave you a choice to follow or stay. You stayed. I truly hope that new ‘Skip the Dishes’ giraffe loving gal of yours is encouraging you to budget well, make good decisions professionally, gets you new clothes when you don’t like what you see in your drawer and have dinner on the table at six for you. I hope your decision has given you all the things you wanted all of your life. I am not out to destroy you in any way. I just need to live and this is how I’ve done it for many years. I write.

But remember this, charging my Skip the Dishes for your lady love wasn’t cool. Not paying me back was so not cool. Not paying the final Ottawa hydro bill in my name wasn’t cool. It went to the address in Ottawa, not to me in Kitchener. Me having to pay the overdraft on the joint account because you couldn’t keep it above, not cool. I paid it because I have to live. Unfortunately, you won this time. My credit is now screwed up completely.

So who’s destroying who? I think between the pre-breakup disappointments, the abandonment and now my credit score, I’m the loser in the end. That said, I never stood down to no one yet. I will stand up for what I believe is right and fair. We can all make fun of Trump and Trudeau. Are they factual? I don’t know. All I know is that everything i write has backup and lots of it.

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