It’s summertime and the livin’ is so much easier when you can uncork the perfect sunny day, good times, weekend songs and get that lakeside party started. Award winning Canadian country artist Deborah Lynn is totally up for that and pouring on a refreshing, deliciously fun new single with “Rosé All Day” – available now.

The kind of day made for a sparkling song like “Rosé All Day” is exactly what inspired Deborah Lynn to write it, along with some much needed “me time”.

“Last summer I took some time to myself to recharge and decide what I wanted to do,” explains Deborah Lynn. “I had quit my job and wasn’t sure what was next. We took a solid 6 weeks as a family to relax and just enjoy a Canadian summer.”

That idyllic feeling of pure, blissful downtime made its way right into this hook-powered country romper that goes down like the smooth, lightly sweet beverage of Deborah Lynn’s summer preference.

“I wanted to write something upbeat and fun for summertime and sunny Saturdays at the lake mean drinking rosé with the girls,” says the Frankford, Ontario-based singer-songwriter. “So, I stuck to what I know and started on a tune about wine.  I wanted a summertime anthem for ladies like me that aren’t beer and whiskey drinkers but still love a good ‘ole traditional country tune.”

I got my feet up high and my hair undone

There’s nothing to do but soak up the sun

If you’re getting’ up, pour another one

And leave the bottle

With a double down stomp-stomp and an irresistible sing-along chorus that Deborah Lynn punches through with her bright, sassy vocal, “Rosé All Day” is headed for a coveted spot on the much-loved list of summer party anthems. Even though everyone will undoubtedly feel the good times rollin’ with “Rosé All Day”, it’s true that Deborah Lynn definitely had a target audience in mind while writing the song. 

“There are so many country songs about whiskey, tequila and silver bullets and only a few about wine,” notes the 2020 Breezeway Entertainer of the Year nominee. “My goal with this one was to write a song that connected with all the “county girls” that just don’t fit into that stereotypical country song.” 

Yeah I could have a glass of red or some chardonnay

But all I’m looking for is a little Rosé

“Rosé All Day” follows up Deborah Lynn’s Spring 2022 release, the touching and emotional “Something Good” and marks another musical milestone for this rising star since she hit the top of the Canadian Indie Country Countdown in 2020 with her debut single, “Revive a Ghost”. That out-of-the-gate success led to Deborah Lynn being nominated for a Josie Award for Best Female Country Song.  

Born and raised in Stirling, Ontario, Deborah Lynn started singing, playing guitar and sharpening her songwriting skills from a young age. However, music was put on the backburner after college while she tried her hand at being a small business owner in Toronto. Then, a fateful trip to Nashville reignited her artistic passion and put her back on the road to becoming a rising country music artist. For Deborah Lynn, watching her debut single rocketing all the way to the top of the Canadian Indie Country chart cemented that decision to change career course.

Then, Deborah Lynn’s Josie Award nomination became the latest indication of the sensational response from audiences everywhere to a genuine artist looking to push the boundaries within country music. In the case of her latest single, that means leaving that well-worn, whiskey path behind and creating a song specifically with the rosé-loving ladies in mind.

“I feel it is a good representation of me as an artist and as a person,” says Deborah Lynn. “I’m not 21 anymore but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to kick back and enjoy a hot summer day with the girls.” 

Deborah Lynn’s feel good, summer vibin’ new single “Rosé All Day” is available now on all music platforms.

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