Northwest Territories Tourism is encouraging Canadians to visit the Spectacular Northwest Territories and embark on an unforgettable journey that will also help NWT businesses recover from the economic impacts caused by evacuations due to this summer’s wildfires.

The summer of 2023 was an active wildfire season in the Territory and included a large-scale evacuation. The extensive media coverage may have left an impression that the Northwest Territories are unsafe, inaccessible due to wildfire damage, or restricted for travellers. In reality, thanks to the tireless efforts of essential workers and volunteers in the past few weeks, many communities in the NWT are once again safe and ready to welcome visitors. 

“There is a perception that vast parts of the territory were affected by fire – and while large parts of our population evacuated, our infrastructure and the majority of our territory has returned to normal,” says Donna Lee Demarcke, CEO of Northwest Territories Tourism. “We’re ready to welcome visitors. Our tourism operators rely on visitors to help them recover from the economic impact the evacuation had.”

Residents and travellers alike have epic experiences to look forward to in the coming months, starting with the spectacular displays of our world-famous Fall Aurora, which lately have been visible almost every night. Winter is also right around the corner – promising to be a Spectacular season. 

To recover from the challenging circumstances of this situation and to ensure they are able to deliver their tourism product in the upcoming seasons, operators in the NWT need support now more than ever.  Here are some ways to help:

  • Book a flight! Getting to the NWT has never been easier with direct flights from Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  If you’re looking for ideas on what to do when here, you’ll find several here.  
  • Give the gift of experience. Many tour operators, local restaurants, accommodations and other local businesses offer gift cards or down payments.  Secure you or a loved ones trip to the NWT for the next paddle season or a winter trip to see the Northern Lights.
  • Catch the excitement for  the best Aurora in the world: The NWT is known to be a place you can visit to reliably see the Aurora Borealis. To learn more watch the video or visit our website.

The Spectacular Northwest Territories offer countless uniquely memorable activities, sights, and experiences to enjoy; a trip here will leave you changed. Now more than ever, your visit will have a far reaching impact  ensuring our tourism sector remains as vibrant and awe inspiring as our Northern Lights. 

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