The greatest show on Earth happens during firefly season. This short period is typically between Mid-June to Mid-July. It’s the thing I’ll miss the most when I leave my parent’s condo. The fireflies come alive around their back deck where it has me in awe for 20 short minutes.

I saw this video tonight as I was doing some more Complex PTSD learning. It’s such an important statement. It’s so true that there is something perfect as we watch that show.

Your life should always have that spark as well. Life is about peak experiences, joy and excitement. I am slowly feeling that thrill I used to have. Yes, I’m damaged, but I’m still breathing. Finally, I see that girl with that familiar mischievous spark from time to time. I’m feeling excited over it.

I looked at a place tonight in Shakespeare. Ontario. I instantly knew that this beautiful structure wasn’t for me. First of all, it was stupid expensive. Secondly, I don’t want to have two jobs in order to survive. I’ll decrease my stuff and live smaller in order to live a life of substance. I want to chase, to laugh, and to live my best life. I hope in time I’ll find that person who wants to do the same. If not, I’ll keep chasing me.

Looking at my ex-husband’s demise, life can be short and I intend on chasing those fireflies until my last breath.

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