Rising Country Star Jessie G’s ‘Like My Whiskey’ Music Video Debuts  with MusicCred, Featuring Grammy Award Winner Gretchen Wilson and Other Celebrity Guest Appearances

MusicCred BETA App now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

MusicCred, the innovative mobile app transforming how artists, venues, and fans interact, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the up-and-coming country star Jessie G for her new music video, “Like My Whiskey.” The video captures Jessie G organizing an intimate backyard show at the Country Rebel Ranch, featuring appearances by famous artists like Gretchen Wilson and Colbie Caillat.

The video highlights Jessie G’s preferred whiskey, Ammunition Wine & Whiskey, an acclaimed American brand. Once Jessie G secures her gig through MusicCred, she enjoys a glass of Ammunition’s bourbon whiskey and joins Gretchen for a horseback ride to the concert.

“Like My Whiskey,” penned by Jessica Goergen and Matthew Hundley, embodies true country spirit, delving into themes of tenacity, resilience, and the intricacies of love and relationships. The song cleverly compares men to whiskey, a metaphor encapsulated in the chorus, adding both a playful and profound touch. The music video subtly weaves in elements of MusicCred, enriching the storyline and connecting viewers to the song’s deeper meaning.

Jessie G, discovered by MusicCred in Nashville’s vibrant music scene and a tour companion of Grammy-winning Gretchen Wilson, expressed her excitement about joining MusicCred. “I’m thrilled to work with this revolutionary technology. It empowers artists at every level to control their careers and offers essential tools for those dedicated to touring nationally,” says Jessie G.

MusicCred provides a solution for venues seeking premier entertainment, streamlining the connection and management of music businesses. It simplifies artist and venue connections, removing the need for cold calls and offering clarity on bookings, budgets, reputation, and payments. The app also assists in planning profitable tours for artists and their teams, easing operations from payment monitoring to sustaining professional relationships.

Jessie G adds, “I’m delighted that a company is addressing our industry’s needs and tackling significant challenges in the music sector. MusicCred lets us focus on what’s important: the music. I can easily manage and book my shows with the app, and its upcoming features are very promising!”

MusicCred, a pioneering app in the live music world, aims to mend the disconnect caused by outdated methods, directly linking artists, venues, and fans. Its BETA version is now available on iOS and Google Play, with an official launch and updates planned later in the year.

Chad R. LaBoy, MusicCred’s CEO with over 14 years in the music industry, has a diverse background, from designing attire for stars like Gretchen Wilson and Jessie G at the 2018 CMAs to creating jewelry for Tanya Tucker at the 2020 Grammys. His deep artist connections led to MusicCred co-sponsoring “Like My Whiskey” with Ammunition Whiskey, reflecting Chad’s genuine passion and commitment.

Jessie G acknowledges, “I’m deeply grateful to be part of MusicCred and this pioneering technology. It’s incredible to have a tool that not only benefits artists but also simplifies venue booking processes.”

CEO LaBoy emphasizes, “We’ve just begun!” MusicCred is focused on enhancing its technology to meet the unique needs of independent artists and venues, striving to facilitate easier management of live music bookings and more.

Following her self-titled EP in 2019 and hit singles like “Timeless” and “You Lit a Fire,” Jessie G is set to release a new album after her successful 2023 national tour, further cementing her place in the country music landscape.

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