For years, I’ve been using a tool called Statcounter to track all of my visits to my website. People will ask how I know so much about my website and how I prove my worth to a brands. When Boots and Hearts approaches, I get hundreds of website visits on ‘What to pack for Boot and Hearts’. I know if they clicked my product links through Statcounter and how long it took to read the article. I also know whether they read a paragraph or the whole post.

This is a demonstration on what I can see about a visitor. If this program appeals to you, visit to learn more about this amazing product. For those really concerned about my stalking capabilities, it ends here. I know your actions on my site and I know whether you visit my socials or a website that I’ve promoted. I will not pay for trackers on any social media site because I have no purpose at this time.

This is a powerful program where I can go back to brands and promote myself accordingly.

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