In the guise of innocence, her visage sweet,
She walked the earth, deceit tucked beneath her feet.
A siren’s voice, smooth and laced with honey,
Crafting her words, dripping false milk and money.

Tears she wielded like weapons in the night,
A facade of sorrow, her mask of feigned plight.
Yet behind the veil, a devil did reside,
Plotting and scheming with jealousy and pride.

Men, ensnared by her, could not break free,
Chained to a phantom, blind to reality.
She danced in their hearts, a puppeteer so cruel,
Playing her games, by her unspoken rule.

Another’s love, a threat to her reign,
She vowed to drive the rival to the edge of sane.
With whispers and rumors, a web of lies spun,
Till the other was vanquished, her sinister job done.

The victor, she stood, amidst the wreckage wrought,
Her heart cold as stone, remorse a fleeting thought.
Once again free to manipulate and bend,
To her will, all would break, all would eventually bend.

A cautionary tale of a wolf in sheep’s clothing,
Her face of an angel, her soul brooding and loathing.
Beware the sweet facade, the crocodile tears,
For beneath may lurk your darkest fears.

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