Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes it surprises us. After a tough breakup, I’ve found myself back with my partner, and things are going really well this time. We’ve even started fixing up his house together, which has brought us closer. But not everyone in our lives is happy about us getting back together.

Moving out of my parents’ house was a big step for me. It’s helped me find peace and live more simply, which is what I want now. As my partner and I work on his house, turning it into “our” home, we’ve been getting along great, deciding on everything from wall colours to furniture together. He keeps reminding me that the house is ours now, not just his.

By the way, SICO paints has partnered with us to complete this renovation and I can honestly say that this is the most richest and easy to use paint ever. I’ve worked with many companies in the past.

Progress Thus Far

Still to this day, some friends and family haven’t been supportive of us being back together, which has been tough. I talked to an elderly and wise woman recently, who really made me think. She asked if people who don’t support your happiness really count as friends or family. It was a hard question to answer, but she had a point. I also explained that the break-up was necessary in order for things to come together again as I was having much difficulty losing so many people to death in 2023.

Despite the challenges, there have been a lot of good times. Like last Saturday, after a long week of painting, we just played music and danced in our living room. It was so much fun and I felt 100% happiness inside. And even though my partner is a bit too into playing Yahtzee sometimes, it’s just another quirky thing about our life together.

Life is short, and sometimes we worry too much about what other people think. My partner often says, “It’s you and I who see each other every day. No one else matters.” That’s become my takeaway: to focus on what makes us happy, not on the doubts others might have.

So, we’re keeping at it, fixing up our home and strengthening our relationship. It’s about loving each other and enjoying life together, no matter what others say. This is our journey, shaping a life that’s all about our happiness and togetherness.

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