Heading To Toronto For #TIFF13

I’m so excited to jump in the car and head to TORONTO FOR TIFF 2013. Every year is different but has always been a very exciting experience.
Now, every year I seem to meet less and less Celebrities but it doesn’t really matter to me. I just love TIFF time. It’s so exciting!
BUT this year I will be on the hunt to meet as many Celebrities as my first year at TIFF (83 in counting, I know that’s alot)
I still have my autograph book that ETALK handed out at their Tiff lounge in 2007 on Bloor! Here are a few Celebrities I want to meet this year;
1.Julia Roberts; loved herr in pretty women.
2.Meryl Streep because who doesn’t want to meet Meryl?
3. Chris Hemsworth cause’ he’s a total babe. I mean have you seen Thor?
4.Jude Law because he is one of my fave actors.
5. Zac Efron because High School Musical was my childhood.
6.Jesse Eisenberg because he’s a nerdy lookin’ guy and he makes me smile.
7. Kristen Wiig because she can always make me laugh; GILLY SNL!
8. Joseph Gordon Levitt – because no one can pull off bald besides him.
9.James Franco because he is still hot even when he plays a gross ass drug deal.
10. ADAM LEVINE because Maroon 5 is my fave band.

Well, that’s my list. I want to see yours! So tweet me and tell me who you want to see or who you’ve seen! (@Christinauntold)
Also, if you want to see who else will be in Toronto this year check out this article by fashion magazine! http://www.fashionmagazine.com/blogs/society/2013/08/20/tiff-2013-the-full-list-of-the-stars-coming-to-town/#more-149106
I’ve printed out my TIFF Premium schedule and now I’m OFF!

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Written by Christina H

Christina is back in Toronto pursuing her dreams of writing. She loves exploring around Ontario and has found that Toronto is what captures her spirit.

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