I want to extend my sincerest good wishes to all of my family and friends for 2009. There are some people, more so than others, who deserve all the health, wealth and prosperity ,that God will allow, after a miserable 2008. 2008 for me was actually a very good year. Despite losing my job and landing on EI, I have my health and my family. Money is money and a job is a job. It’s no longer who I am and I’m truly not mournful of this path my life has taken.

I write this note more for myself than anyone else. However, sharing is good and letting it all out for the public to read makes one accountable even more for their words. We’ll see how Oprah fairs on her public resolution.

We’ve had to cut back a lot and think before we buy. That in itself is an experience that everyone in my family needed to do. I have come to realize that I have very spoiled children and there is only one person to blame for that. ME! So undoing this is certainly going to be an uphill climb.

RESOLUTION 1: Appreciate the things I have, opposed to looking for new things to settle my lack of personal fulfillment. I hate shopping, but I certainly don’t mind buying for those in my family.

I have come to realize that most of the time my anger arises when I want to protect someone from the ill will of others. The ill will of other’s cannot be controlled. I have seen things in the past few weeks like references of “White Trash” bestowed on people I care for. Well I look at the two sides and realize that one is no better than the other. One has a drive to be right; the other has the drive to be pompous and controlling. I’m stuck in the middle trying to mind my own business while my feelings are hurt. I simply cannot control their actions or the situation. Sticking my nose in it only causes me pain because they will always be right.

RESOLUTION 2: Realize that people are in charge of their own outcome. Stop protecting them despite of themselves. In times like these, I tend to stress more, eat more, and see the dark side more. You can sway people to think, but you cannot sway them to change. The change comes from within.

I remember a time last year where my muscles were strong and my balance almost perfect. Despite being overweight, I felt like I was truly “Hot”.

RESOLUTION 3: Turn off Facebook and Get Moving. Get back to the gym, create a “me” schedule, which includes working out, time out of the house, and lots of attention to me. I will again enforce that my family contribute once again, so I do not fall off the wagon and start thinking only of others.

I’m not living my best life. I can remember a time when I was at a non-profit association. The drive that I possessed was incredible. I was on top of my game despite dealing with the personal “Me”. I think today is the best time in my life to bring my game on! I feel good about me, who I am and what I am. I’m no longer ashamed of myself physically or emotionally. I am ready to take on any challenge.

RESOLUTION 4: Get off Facebook and Start Living. This climb is bringing me pleasure, but it’s not really the climb that I desire. There are days where I feel like a lazy fool for spending so much time on my butt. Sometimes it’s easier to clime a molehill opposed to the mountain set before you. The fear of failing will always linger. This is my year to climb those big mountains and bring back the person that I was meant to be.

What are your resolutions? Are they light and carefree or are you taking them seriously? I know that statistics show that this is NOT the time of year to make resolutions because we are setting ourselves up for failure. However, it is always fun…….

Take Care, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I hope our troops, our unemployed and our economy have a brighter outlook in 2009!

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