The creation of any successful business, within the renovation industry, is quite a simplistic concept; a decent product, a savvy salesperson, a reputable installer and a keen sense of creativity in order to differentiate your business from the competition. There you have it; the makings of a million dollar business. Of course, there is one intricate part of this which I have not detailed; almost the most important person of a functioning business; I will call this person the “it” girl.

Of course the “it” girl comes in various shapes, sizes and sexes, but what they do and how they perform significantly affects the day to day functions of any successful business. You may believe the world “it” is the new age acronym for Information Technology but this position is far from the illustrious position of taking a manual process and transitioning it into a computerized masterpiece for a growing business.

This position is hands on. The “it” girl creates the process that information analysts use to bring businesses to the new technological era. There is no question what came first, the “it” girl and then the computer.

Clearly defining the “it” girl could be as simple as utilizing the term secretary or administrative assistant. However, defining it in a broader sense is simply an acknowledgement that I know what every “it” girl wants to say when they are face to face during their performance review.

While management runs from appointment to appointment with advertisers, manufacturers, customers and colleagues; the “it” girl cancels it, takes care of it, answers it, and removes it.

While installers are scurrying for the equipment, schematics, and drawings, the “it” girl finds it, replaces it, orders it and postpones it.

While the savvy salesperson just wants to sell it, the “it” girl corrects it, books it, invoices it, and files it.

All the while, if we put all three together in one room, the “it” girl appears to be caught in the middle of it.

I have been within the renovation industry for over ten years and I’ve finally had a taste of being the “it” girl. Perhaps this change is due to the recession and the lack of management opportunities available. Perhaps it’s being a reputable woman in a man’s world that significantly plays a part in being viewed as the perfect “it” girl”. Perhaps it’s simply living in a small town where I cower at the thought of commuting to the metropolis of Toronto. Perhaps, it could be a little of all three!

All in all, the “it” girl has proven to be my biggest adjustment to date. While preparing sales commissions the other day, I realized that my heart was functioning well as I witnessed the incredible amount of money salespeople make for selling it. I had to ensure that my head was on straight after witnessing how much an installer makes for replacing it.

Why is it that the “it” girl is under paid and replaceable while, in my experience, no successful business person wants to see their savvy salesperson or reputable installer move on to the competition? I can explain this in one word, reputation.

In fact, I have seen numerous times, that companies will raise the ante to entice their star performers to remain within their confines. The true reasoning of why this rarely happens to the “it” girl is simple; they are a face without a name. She cannot build a reputation within the industry of being the best paper pusher this side of Quebec City. The Salesperson represents power, the more powerful the salesperson, the infamous and wanted he becomes. The installer represents quality workmanship, the more satisfied customers; the more infamous and wanted the installer becomes.

Being the “it” girls has had its moments of glory and its fair amount of frustrations. Having the opportunity to write about it provides me with a glimpse of hope that I can alter it.

So, no matter whom you are in renovation world, the next time your “it” girl fixes it, solves it, or brings it……it’s highly recommended that you acknowledge it. As for myself, I will continue to write about it.

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