Well I have about 24 hours to compose the best (and possibly last) blog post ever.  It’s all over the news!  The assumption is that an electrical storm is forthcoming and we will possibly lose the Internet forever.
This has been the greatest awakening one can ever experience.  I have been blogging to the world for the past three years and it has been a cathartic experience.   Writing has become my passion and my way to communicate my thoughts and feelings that can only be expressed in the written word.  I started blogging to my friends and family on Facebook.  I was encouraged to write and then proceeded to post my blogs on blogspot.com in hopes that I may spark some interest around the world.  I did it!
Why do I blog opposed to writing a grammatically correct prose with big words and educated phrases?  Quite simply, I love the “…”  I can leave people with a lot to think or laugh about.  I can be happy one moment, sentimental the next, and throw in a story about my kids all in one small blog post.  My blog is my very own psychiatrist couch without paying the big bucks.

Now with the Internet gone, what in the world will I do?  Write my own novel? Perhaps I will write a How-To book on how to blog once the Internet is reinstated.  They will figure it out don’t you know?
So in conclusion, it is most prudent to thank all of my 269 Facebook friends for reading and the remainder of the unknowns for keeping abreast of a stranger’s life.

So friends, please note, my blog posts to you have come from my heart and my soul.  This is an abrupt ending but not without hopes of a positive future.

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