Wow! What a 28 day journey! Working with the elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth on a soulful level was just amazing. This experience was truly an awakening to reconnect with life, nature and all it has to offer.

What can I say but it was totally amazing.

I have transcended into living in the now. When my thoughts get too far in the future, I have trained myself to STOP…..then listen, look and smell at what is happening at that present moment. Deep breathing when things appear too tough to handle. The Christmas bills are rolling in and in other years, I have developed a large burning sensation in my stomach and a constant sense of panic. This year, I basically resided to the fact that renovations and Christmas took its toll on me, however, when I walk into my kitchen, I feel bliss rather than disgust. Christmas is overrated and I’ve made a mental note, to take it easy next year.

As easy as it is to get succumb into our daily life misery’s, we must also look around and appreciate the goodness around us. From the coffee we brew in the morning, to the incredible scarf that goes perfect with a blouse, to our children, to the food on our table, we must give thanks to the goodness in our lives. There is much more goodness than there is bad. Goodness lasts, while generally the negative things come and go. We control our lives. We control our thoughts. At the end of the day, we also choose our past and our path in life.

Sure, shitty things have happened to me in my life, but a simple exercise of documenting it and writing SO WHAT in big black marker over top of each and every negative has allowed me to move forward and live in the now.

So now what to do with all this goodness, all this positiveness, all this gratitude? Despite the cost of the program, this was truly a gift no amount of money could buy. Well I say, it’s time to pay it forward.

– Selfless acts and to smile at a stranger.
– Give strength to someone suffering.
– Stand up for a friend.
– Offer support when support is needed.
– Be the person I was meant to be and allow the goodness of life flourish to those around me.
– Be a kinder person and judge those only if I choose to be judge myself. (Yes, I still dislike people who have hurt me, but it’s time to breath, let go, and move forward)
– Send positive energy to a crowd full of negativity in hopes that it will transition the room into a fruitful and productive environment.
– Live life like everyday is a reason to party.
– Most of all, be kind to myself because if I can’t do it for me, then I certainly cannot offer myself to others.

We are here for such a short time, why shouldn’t we be all that we can be in the time that we have rather than living life with continuous regrets?

People come and go in our lives, why not let them know that in the NOW, we appreciate their contribution to your life?

Life gets pretty dull after revolving my precious personal time around pressing two favorite links on the computer, my email and Facebook. It’s time to enjoy my life, find out what I can truly do with it, take chances, get laughed at by those who want to laugh at me, impress people who truly care, and breath the air that I have created around me.

I tell you, if you ever have an opportunity to participate in a 28 day Soul Coaching Program, I would highly recommend it. It changed my life and perspective completely.


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