TIFF, The Toronto International Film Festival is a yearly event for my daughter, Christina, and myself.  We’ve been doing it for three years.

We do not take in any movies as a team, but I try to do a movie or two alone.  Due to the recession, money is tight, so I chose to volunteer.  I simply cannot wait until Saturday.

Our weekend started off meeting each other at the Long Branch GO Station and ventured to our room on Marine Parade Drive.  We walked into our room and much to our chagrin, it was a pullout couch and a dresser.  We named it the walk-in closet.  We looked at each other……..and then to her friend who she invited to join us. This room was much different to TIFF09’s Harbourfront Castle Hotel.

We quickly decided that this room was perfect as we only intended on sleeping there. 

And off we went to hit the streets of Bloor and Yorkville.

The first sighting we had…and a big humina humina to him…was Colin Firth.  I have been waiting to see this guy in the flesh since last year’s red carpet.  I remember jumping up and down at Roy Thompson Hall to get a glimpse, with no such luck.  He did not disappoint me in the least.  He is as kind as I expected him to be to his fans.  Christina, of course, managed an autograph and a not so great shot.

Next on the list, was the 6:00 Everything Must Go Red Carpet with Will Ferrell.  Long story short, I was giggled at because of my “I am trapped in a glass cage of emotion” comment and Chistina was told to tone it down as he was speaking with City TV.  The group after us, were much louder and persistant. 

After that, we ate and returned because of Christina’s persistance for an autograph from him.  She got what she wanted after a long wait behind Isabel Bader Theatre, as well as a HUG!  She was totally delighted as he is a favorite in our home.

We walked around a little more and decided to call it a night around 10PM.

Saturday, we were up early and ready to rock. Well I was anyway.  Christina and her friend decided to wait in the Degrassi line for two hours.  They were ultimately star struck as they posed with the Degrassi cast.

Martin Sheen shows a genuine interest

What did I do as I wait for the girls?  I met fellow star seekers.  They are the people who enlighten me.  I love learning about people and what inspires them to venues like this.  In two hours, I met so many great people from all over Ontario.  What touched me the most was Martin Sheen’s sheer interest in a gentleman who visits the Intercontinental every year for autographs.  He asked his name, shook his hand and had a chat. That’s a real celebrity…..someone who is human but not invincible to the people who made him who he is today.

Over the weekend, we seen many celebrities, met many people, added them to Facebook and to our cell phones.  People were kind, some where nonversationists, some were rude, but most were great.

The best part of TIFF for me is the mother/daughter annual event.  We spend time together, laugh together, argue together and share an interest.  It’s not easy making friends with a fifteen year old girl, however, TIFF makes it possible. She’s my celebrity every day.

 I’ll always be more excited to see her than any celebrity on the Red Carpet.

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