Day 1 at the Toronto Film Festival

Up and at em

Drive to Toronto

8:00 – 4:00    
Work the most stressful job on Earth

Opposed to hopping onto the 401, pointed car towards Kipling Subway Station

Downtown Toronto on Bay and Bloor

See my Teen Idol – Olivia Newton John.  Too bad the same men, from the past three years completely monopolized the opportunity.

After that I strolled Bloor Street, visited Hazelton Cente and realized just how poor I was and how rich some people are.   Went into a colourful shop on Bellair looking for a Silver Scarf, $225.00…but it was 1/2 off. Great……cashmere is just not in my budget.

Stroll past the Virgin Radio setup and waved.  Went and enjoyed a Starbucks coffee and headed back to Cambridge……….I work at #TIFF at 7:45 am tomorrow morning.

I owe, I owe
but I wanna go to a show.
My income has taken a curve,
Therefore, I choose to serve.

Happy Tiffing to everyone, rich and poor, slim and chubby.  This is an International Event and it’s our time to shine Toronto!

HERE I COME WILL FERALL!! I’m in town all week if you wanna hook up for a beer at Hemmingways!!

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