I have written about my experiences with bullying because ignorance irks me. There is a part of me that is a protester but then there’s a time to somewhat throw in the towel of the situation at hand.  Accept it for what it is.

I believe that if i contunue dwelling on it my daughter simply can’t move ahead.  If I am constantly worrying and fretting about her future, I’m teaching her to worry and fret to opposed to moving on.   She leaves for school and I have my Blackberry in hand waiting for a text message.  If there’s no response, I end up texting her.  I am allowing the bullies to win.

There are so many things in life that I should be grateful for because of this incident.

    1. This incident gave me the guts to quit my job which forced me to drive 200 kilometres a day. I was facing a burn out sooner than later.
    2. It taught me that I can survive financially on one income.  (very tight, but we can survive)
    3. Stuff is just stuff and saying “No I don’t need it and I can’t afford it.”
    4. My children are elated to have me home in the morning when they leave for school and happy to see me when they arrive back home.
  1. I have more patience.  Being out of the house 13 hours a day wasn’t easy with two kids.

I have brought in the New Year’s frustrated and sad for my daughter, but so many good things happened as well that we should be thankful for.

Bullying should not consume our life.  We try our best to prove our point, display the injustice of it all, and speak loudly on behalf of other children.  However, my experience has fallen on deaf ears (for the most part) and I have to accept that it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

So moving forward, my daughter’s first venture out was last night.  Initially, she begrudged going but found that she had a super time with this new group of girls.  I was so happy to see a smile on her face and a bounce in her step.  Go Girl!!! It was so worth the $40.00 that I gave her for a present and dinner out.  This was the first authentic smile I’ve seen since December 8th.

I am now considering a few possibilities.  Get a part time job and/or go back to school.  Of course, I will require funding to make it work but I think that this huge step to independence has given me courage to believe that things will work out for the best.

There’s a message in this experience and now is the time to look deep within and decide my spiritual future.  Finding my destiny, living life to the fullest, and being who I am.

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