Wow, I can’t believe what a fabulous night it was at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards!  From Gaga arriving in a womb, to Bob Dylan’s appearance, Usher and Mick.  I was completely blind sided with the winners as well.  Remind me never to post my predictions again.

Congrats to Lady Antebellum – it was your night to shine! 

I was secretly hoping for a huge win for Gaga, but I didn’t predict it as her album, The Fame Monster, is two years old.  Low and behold, she took home Best Female Pop Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album!  Congrats Gaga.

I am a little shocked at her reference to Whitney Houston as an inspiration to “Born this Way”, Gaga’s newest single released last Thursday.  Last week, Born this Way was referenced as a Madonna “knock-off”.  It’s ironic how she referenced another 80’s icon as her lyrical vision.  To be honest, I think it was a subtle snub that she believed in the song’s originality.

Jennifer Hudson looked fabulous with her new body.  I can’t believe how, after so much anguish, this woman kept moving forward and turned her physical appearance completely around.  Move over Oprah, we have an new mentor in the fat world to follow.

I was also impressed with the usage of instruments.  Bob Dylan, played alongside Mumford and Son to provide some old style, kitchen party music;  like the old days of music.  Twitter proved that many tweeters were impressed with this twist of genre.

Other fabulous performances included, Rihanna and Eminem, Usher, Bieber and Jaden Smith (who knew the Smith family could possess so much talent!!…sarcasm), and Mick Jaggar.  I absolutely adored Cee Lo and Gweneth Paltrow’s performance of F*** You.  I do think Animal, from the muppets, should have been on the drums!  That would have been a riot.  His performance superceded Lady Gaga’s performance winning the wackiest performance of the evening in my books. 

I was least impressed with Katy Parry, who I feel should have took it up a notch after her pitchy “Fireworks” appearance and the AMA’s last year.

As for best dressed, my vote, along with most of the world would be Selena Gomez.  Worst dressed, I would say goes to Lady Gaga but takes the award for Most Creative home by a landslide.  The Red Carpet is about making a statement and a statement it was.

After perusing the Internet this morning, I was certainly impressed with the humble Justin Bieber tweets after the show.  For a sixteen year old kid, he knows how to lose gracefully and with dignity.

His messages speak volumes about his small town character and his belief that despite the loss, it’s still his time to shine (to quote Usher).  I have no idea who Esperanza Spalding is, however, Best New Artist was obviously well deserved based on the audience applause.

Being a neighbour to Bieber’s hometown, I never truly appreciated Bieber until the last month.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing next!  Having teenage kids, I have a new respect for how hard this kid works to achieve success.

All in all, the Grammy’s were fabulous. At first I was taken aback at the amount of performances and the lack of awards.   Back in the 80’s, there was a select amount of artist’s performing and an evening of awards and long acceptance speeches.  After a moment of disappointment and disbelief, I was actually pretty impressed that one does get what they paid for now! 

Here’s to awards season.  An opportunity to allow our star’s to shine!

Kelly looked great!


A Red Carpet Flop….sorry Katy

Many didn’t love it…but I did!

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