Wow, last night I won tickets to see Lady Gaga at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, ON.  Thank you Virgin Radio 99.9 for this wonderful gift!!!  This has been a dream of mine for two years now.  A dream now come true.  She is truly the only artist I want to see in concert – Ever…..

I’m so very excited to take nine of my closet friends as a special gift to show them how much I love them.  Of course, this has been an awesome opportunity for my daughter.  I have given her the opportunity to invite friend’s as well.  This has been a horrific month of despair and suffering.

The “after shock” of the bullying incident, that took place back in December, has obviously put our family in much turmoil – especially my daughter.  I hope that she listens to Gaga’s words – because that’s what she is as an artist.  She promotes self love and respect for yourself.  Be who you are, say what you feel.   She’s the Dr. Seuss of the pop music culture………………………………..

Hold the breaks!  As I’m writing this, I just received an email that I won A CHANCE to win tickets to see Lady Gaga – not tickets!

So the whole point of this post is just funny now…..a dream that still remains one.   Let’s take it another direction together.  (pause for a “boy am I silly” giggle as I shake my head)

Crestfallen, misunderstood and feeling like a dumbass right now.  I laugh at myself, but also cringed at the misunderstanding on my behalf.  I was so incredibly excited that I obviously wasn’t listening too well.  The most embarrassing part is my daughter having to explain it to her friends.  GAWD, so silly and stupid.

Life’s just like that eh? 

I’m not disappointed because I have a lot of budda bellies to rub in order to win on the 28th.  I’m even going to rub bellies that look like a budda (starting with my own)!

Silly, silly, silly girl.  This is what I look like with pie on my face.

UPDATE: I didn’t win……poop.  Thanks Virgin Radio 99.9 for the opportunity.  Now I’m driven to calling in and trying to win tickets against 1,000,000 other people.  Let’s home it’s before noon, otherwise, I’m AWOL.

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