In the Ivory Tower of Toronto City Hall chaos broke out between the hand picked budget committee and members of the Ontario Coalition against Poverty.

I’m not a person who supports violence or controversy when presenting your point, however, going from 100K a few years ago to feeding my family hand to mouth, I can relate with their frustrations.  Especially, when highly paid Councillor Doug Ford slurred “Get Going, Get a Job.” Yet another incident where the rich just don’t get it.  Doug Ford’s comment simply took that proverbial knife and twisted it in an already wounded and suffering heart.

After three years of financial struggle, the upper class in Canada still cannot walk in the shoes of the poor.  I can relate to receiving a gas bill and opening it up with knots in your stomach.  They do not understand the scurry to meet a monthly rental or mortgage payment. Once upon a time where something was a interact payment away, is now a daily struggle. My husband has been working no less than 60-70 hours a week, with Chrone’s Disease, until I find sustainable employment. Let me tell you, I’m looking, begging, and standing by the phone in utter frustration.

Now, that’s my position, however, I’m thankful that I have a roof to shelter my family and heat to warm us.  I make it work but I’m struggling.  There are other’s out there in far worse financial shape.

When it comes to the homeless, I highly agree that their are many that choose their destiny of poverty and sleeping in shelters.  However, it’s a vicious cycle.  You can’t get welfare until you get a permanent address and you can’t get a permanent address until you get welfare.  Once one gets that place, how does one look for a job without an economical transit service?    I have spoken to several individuals who are on the brink of losing their roof because they just can’t manage on a feeble welfare cheque or a minimum wage job.

So what exactly is the solution for our poverty stricken population?   Well making life economically friendly seems like a “day’s gone by” dream. The only thing that I can think of is Robin Hood but instead of robbing the rich, penalize them greater, to assist the poor.  If you choose to live in the Ivory Tower, then pay the taxes that go with it.  If you can’t afford it, live in the middle class regime and you’ll still be better off than many.

Anyone making over $70,000 a year, in today’s economy, should be waking up and thanking a higher power for their good fortune.  In Canada, corporate CEO’s earn 115 times the income as the average employee.

It is my considered opinion that when I look at this figure, we should be more compassionate and choose our words wisely to those who are struggling.

Again, I do not condone any sort of violence when protesting. However, two wrongs never make a right.  Doug Ford, sitting in his Ivory Tower with his almost 100K income, was absolutely out of line when he made that comment.  Despite the fact that chaos broke out and despite the fact that there arrests, there is a reason for their frustration.  It’s not about who’s right, it’s all about living.

My message to you Doug is, “Get Going, think before you speak, find a heart with compassion.”

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