Now how’s this for hype?  Justin Bieber, a young, aspiring artist is sharing his story of success to encourage other people to follow their dreams to the big screen.  I have yet to see the movie, but I will be going!  It looks and sounds like a MUST SEE for every child with a dream.

I wanted to write a quick blog to wish him luck and hope that there will be a few children out there that will realize their goals and Never Say Never.  Your dreams are easier achieved when you are young and have the support of your parent’s. 

Parent’s no matter how wacky your child’s dreams are, there is a means to their wackiness.  Don’t allow them to lose their spirit.  I realize (not to late though) that I certain contributed to her losing a lot of her spirit.  I thought it wasn’t normal and I was right!  It was fantastic and I miss it each and every day.  Today, at 15 years old, I encourage her to find that spirit again because I know she can do anything with it.

Too many parent’s degrade their children’s wild fantasies and dreams in order to conform to the norm.  Never Say Never – Your dreams will take you everywhere if you just do it.

Even at 38, the trailer of the movie has encourage this old soul to NEVER SAY NEVER. Oh yes, I will write from the heart and soul forever no matter where it takes me.

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