“In the long run we get no more than we have been willing to risk giving.” ~Sheldon Kopp

Ok, the method of my madess in regards to my blog title is that I divulged into my husband’s box of chocolates this morning after a brief mental breakdown.  It didn’t make me feel better, but they sure were goooood.

Here I sit completely stupified.   My life as I know it is a struggle.  A struggle to get over that hump.  The hump to healthy eating.  The hump of losing weight (my legs are killing me from yesterday’s elliptal sessions).  The hump to being a recognize blogger (talk about the blind leading the blind in that case).  I just like to write.  It’s like my food for the soul.  It’s what keeps me on track and also accountable to myself.  It keeps me honest.  Hmmm…how do I get over that hump again?

I am working on a Microsoft database for a local window and door company.  Despite going through thousands of records of data, I realize that I’m so good at it and I enjoy doing it.  I only require learning SQL and all the new and improved systems to really rock.

I also have my College applicaton on hold for next September.  I’m thinking about journalism.  However, with the way I write today, I don’t know how I’d ever wrap my head around not having an opinion while telling the facts.  I have hit the “pay now” button at least ten times in the last 48 hours.  Am I ready to take the plunge to forwarding my education.

Another option that may be economically friendly is that of Second Career.  They will assist me in my career endeavours.  However, with Second Careers, you need to take something that is in demand.  I’m unsure if any of those careers is something I want to devote time on and take money from fellow tax payers.  I do not believe in doing something because it’s a free ride.  I believe if you do it, put your heart into it. 

Well here’s my Wednesday for you.  I hope that your day is much more stable as we climb over the hump of the week.

Take Care,


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