You ask why in the world would I, Trina Stewart, have the audacity to assume that my blog would qualify for this magazine blogging contest, that focus’ on fitness, weight loss and lifestyle?  Simply said, I would put Woman’s Health magazine to the test.  You giggle, but it’s fact.

Think about it, we all live by example.  Right now, I’m not really a great example of health and fitness, but I have been driven to change that!

I am also the buyer of these magazines as those cover topics sure make me want to move it like I own it.  I am the person who doesn’t blog, day after day, giving fitness tips and advice.  I am the person who reads the magazine’s and blog’s, and if it catches my eye, I try it.

I also tell my truth on every aspect that happens in my life.  I sugar coat nothing!

My ideas for blogging for Women’s Health would entail:

  • Taking the magazine and its articles seriously as an obese individual.
  • The emotional side of following the weight loss and fitness tips enclosed in that month’s magazine.
  • The aches and pains to be expected when following a fitness regiment, tips and advice on the journey.
  • The aches and pains of following the diets entailed in the magazine, tips and advice on the journey.
  • The fashion sense that I regain as I shed my weight pound by pound.
  • How my lifestyle has changed.
  • Social Networking and promoting Woman’s Health and my journey through Twitter, Facebook, and Linked (and more)
  • Encouraging other obese women to join me in the journey.

Television shows, like the Biggest Loser, only proves that following someones journey only encourages other’s to try taking on their own.  I think it would be a real twist for Woman’s Health to take on a direction of real circumstances, real issues, and real journey.

Nominate Me Today!  Thank you to those who believe!  Good Life Fitness may love you too because I’m considering not cancelling my membership now.

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